Cool Thing a day – Day 2

greetings everyone, I have been having a lot of fun using sublime text 3 at work and all the great plugins with the app. I like the high contrast of the fonts that change color and the mini map. The mini map reminds me of a video game, so I am comfortable with that. One […]

Cool thing a day – Day 1

I have been doing self taught web development. I get a lot of support from my family and peers with my goals. This is a web page that my wife shared with me. It is from lifehacker.com , for creating a web page. It is averages 3 dollars a month and is easy to follow […]

need motivation?

I was talking with my sibling,who can come up with creative ideas like you and I breath. But what got is an idea if you do not put in out into public consumption? Well this is the one thing I learned from Donald trump, If you stand by your beliefs and deliver your ideas in […]

First Post

Well after unsuccessful making my own blog with SQLI and PHP. I gave up and am currently working with wordpress. My goal is it make an informational and entertaining blog of a self study geek who is learning by fire… So let drink the punch and start our Vision Quest.